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Since 2014 Startup Robot has been helping companies make money in Caribbean by making sure they have the right paperwork to continue operating there. We also offer training to Entrepreneurs through a number of channels so that you have the right strategy to use with our business tools

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How do we help?

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Depending on your industry, we have How-to's on running a successful company in the Caribbean

Use our Tools

We offer prepackaged companies, website design tools and a recruitment platform to scale your business

Schedule a workshop

We have in-person or live workshops where you can get more targeted help.

1:1 Consulting

...If you have a big enough business opportunity and need individual attention

Our Customers

After many futile attempts at bringing into compliance and re-registering an enterprise, StartupRobot got it done in mere days.

- Sandra Glasgow, BizTactics Limited

StartupRobot is the best service for up and coming businesses who want to concentrate on their core business

- Dean Morris, Project Grapevine Technologies Limited

StartupRobot assisted us at every stage of our business set up and made it happen seamlessly. Their knowledge and contacts are second to none.

- Aaron Labey, Locate Caribbean Limited

Our Product Portfolio

Legit with StartupRobot

Legit with StartupRobot is like time travel for getting a bank account for your business. You want a bank account number? Already done! We also offer Trademark Services and Agriculture Export licences.

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Hacker Hostel

We provide short term front end developers for your Javascript projects. You explain your use case and we present a group of persons trained in your front end stack and industry.

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Pages by StartupRobot

We track your performance of your marketing campaigns and present them in beautiful, easy-to-follow reports. Get discounts on our recommended, integrated tools when you use our affiliate links.

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We educate audiences on technologies and innovation in Logistics, Tourism and Finance. Our Audiences falls into 3 categories – Idea stage (<USD10K revenue), Early Stage (USD10K-100K) and Growth Stage (USD100K+ in Annual Revenue) Businesses.

We focus on providing your with the knowledge, the tools and the network to grow your business to your next target

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