We fix rejected Company Registrations

In Jamaica, we have prevented over 800 visits and 2000  hours resubmitting forms and travel time. 3 out of 4 registrations get rejected because 93% of registrations are Do-It-Yourselfers. We can reduce your registration process from 5 weeks down to 2 days

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Unlock Business Opportunities Fast

Starting a company by yourself? StartupRobot can help with everything you need to register your company and keep it compliant—allowing you greater access to customers, partnerships and business financing.


Choose your registration

Choose to register the company yourself or a Shelf Company based on your time and budget constraints


Tell Us about Your Company

Share the name of your Company. We can reserve it for you. Do-it- yourselfers can copy and fill out this form


Scan, Sign and Send

Print and sign the documents. Have a courier pick-up and help you get your supporting documents witnessed by a J.P.


Stay on Top of Things

Our Registration intervention service uses our relationships to monitor and fix your incorporation process if things go wrong

See what our customers are saying

After many futile attempts at bringing into compliance and re-registering an enterprise, StartupRobot got it done in mere days.

- Sandra Glasgow, BizTactics Limited

StartupRobot is the best service for up and coming businesses who want to concentrate on their core business

- Dean Morris, Project Grapevine Technologies Limited

StartupRobot assisted us at every stage of our business set up and made it happen seamlessly. Their knowledge and contacts are second to none.

- Aaron Labey, Locate Caribbean Limited

Choose the right option

Shelf Company
  • Fully compliant company
  • Online bank account
  • Apply your unique name
*Conditions Apply
Registration Intervention
  • Repair rejected applications
  • Delivery of company documents
  • 2-Day turnaround
*Conditions Apply

What's a Shelf Company and a Registration Intervention?

A limited liability company is an entity that limits the exposure of the owners to financial risk. We no longer register business names. For a Company Registration form click here and make a copy.

We have found that 90% of Jamaican Companies are DIY registrations. We offer registration interventions on existing rejected registrations as 74% of applications are wrong, to get it rectified quickly so you can set up a bank and tax portal account for the company.

A shelf company is a pre-registered company that takes the name you reserved. It will have a Certificate of Incorporation, Tax Compliance Number, Letter of Good Standing and a Bank Account.

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